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Kota Stone

Kota stone is the finest quality of limestone basically found in kota region of Rajasthan. It is widely used in various residential and commercial places. Our exclusive gamut of Kota Stone has meticulous surface, which is best suited on the exterior and interiors of the buildings.

Kota stone have the unique properties of limestone. It is very tough, non water-absorbent, non-slip, non-porous and moreover, Kota stones have very wide applications because of their unique properties of limestone. The rich greenish-blue and brown colors of this stone are most popular. Lime stone is preferred for flooring and wall cladding, paving and facades of buildings among other various applications.

Technical Specifications

S. No. Particular Description
1. TRADE NAME Kota Stone
2. LOCATION Sates of Rajasthan, India
3. CHARACTERISTICS This is an exceedingly fine grained uniformly crystalline calcareous rock composed of lime stone and dolomite in a homogeneous mosaic of minerals in the size range of 15-10 microns. It is basically produced in 2 colors kola brown which is brownish in color due to limonitic (hydrogenated iron oxide) contents present in the rock. The other is kola blue or greenish blue . Petrologically it is a dolomatic lime stone with fine texture and good hardness.
4. STANDARD THICKNESS Tiles 10-18mm thick. Other thickness available 18-25mm and 25-40mm Thickness wise calibrated stones also available.
5. STANDARD SIZES 300x300,400x400,600x300,600x600 surface normally supplied are with natural split surface, but top surface cal also be supplied honed or polished.
6. EDGES 1. Quarry cut edges
2. Fine hand cut edges
3. Machine cut edges
7. FINISHES AVAILABLE Rough, Honed ,Polished, and Butched
8. USES It is mainly used for flooring purpose with natural or grinded surface. Material with thickness over 25mm can be used for commercial flooring areas. It is also good to be used on railway platforms with thick-ness 08-10 cm which is supplied on special orders.
9. CHEMICAL COMPOSITION CAO + MGO (Lime) - High percentage (38-40%)
SiO 2 (Silica) - Low percentage (15-18%)
Fe 2 O 3 - Traces (1-1.5%)
Na 2 O - Nil
K 2 O - Nil
Loss on ignition -30-32%
10. HARDNESS 3 to 4 on Moh's Scale
11. DENSITY 2.5 to 2.7 Kg/cm3
12. WATER ABSORPATION Less than 1%
14. WEATHER IMPACT Resistant
15. POROSITY Quite low

Sizes :- We produce following sizes as a part of our regular production.

Slabs (Feet) Uncut Tiles (Inch) Machine cut Tiles (Feet)Uncut
3x2 28x22 2.5x2
3.5x2 23x23 2x2
4x2 22x22 2x2
4.5x2 22x16 2x1.5
5x2 16x16 1.5x1.5
5.5x2 22x11 2x1.5
6x2 22x10 2x1.5
6.5x2 11x11 1x1
7x2 10x10 1x1

We produce following sizes as a part of our regular production.

Kota Stone skirting size in inch:
22``X4``, 22``X5``, 16”x5”, 16”4”